Yule Log Ritual

A Yule Log is symbolic of the Green Man, cut down at harvest time to be reborn anew! When lit, its flames invoke the light of the returning Sun, which warms and brightens our lives.

If you have a fireplace or fire pit, now is a great time to search for a Yule Log. A fallen oak, fruit, or birch log is perfect! If your only option is a limb from a living tree, always ask the tree’s permission and leave an offering in its place: a crystal, stone, or herbal charm. Bringing your log inside is important to give it time to dry so it can burn properly. Take time to “get to know” your yule log; it’s bark, the concentric circles, the energy of it. Try to connect with the life it lived and the things it saw in its lifetime.

If your log rests flat on a surface (alternatively, you may attach small pieces of wood to stabilize it) you may choose to drill 8 holes in the log, the diameter of candles that you’d like to put into place. Gathering greenery such as holly, mistletoe, and pine boughs, place them around your log and enjoy the light your Yule log offers you.

Your Yule log may be set on a wreath in your fireplace and lit, invoking the Guardians of the East, South, West, and North. Allow your log to burn, yet save the last bits to use to start your Yule log blazing the following year. If you do not have a hearth, allow the candle to burn as low as is safe and save your log for the following year, as an alternative.

Blessed Be!

Rev. Emma

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