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Want To Elevate Your Child To Higher Levels Of Reading?

Is your child experiencing anxiety and frustration in school due to reading difficulties? Would you like your child to have reading instruction that meets their individual needs? You’re not alone! Using direct, explicit instruction and working together as a team to help your child, let’s watch them light up with success and confidence in reading!


Over the course of her 30+ years of teaching experience, Marcia has helped hundreds of students learn to read. As a NYS certified reading intervention specialist and certified Reading Simplified™ practitioner, Marcia uses several research-based, science of reading methods to accelerate your child’s reading progress. Often, children approach or reach grade level reading in about 12 one-hour sessions! 

Marcia provides a detailed, diagnostic assessment of your child’s current reading ability. Then, using movement, games, effective strategies, and lots of positive support, she tailors her instruction based on your child’s most pressing needs. Students gain confidence, build reading stamina, and learn to enjoy reading!


Comprehensive Reading Assessment

In-depth Reading Assessment to pinpoint current reading ability and areas of most pressing need. 



  • San Diego Quick Assessment
  • Morrison-McCall Spelling Assessment
  • Reading Simplified Snapshot Assessment
  • Fry High Frequency Word Reading
  • Grade Level Oral Reading Fluency
  • QRI Inventory
  • Nonsense Word Decoding


Also available:

  • Kilpatrick PAST (Phonological Awareness Screening Test)
  • Really Great Reading 
    • K-1 Foundational Reading Skills Survey 
    • 2-6 Diagnostic Decoding Survey
    • Phonological Awareness Survey
    • Letter Knowledge Survey


Time will be allotted over 2 separate 1-hour sessions.

Follow-up assessment(s) at the end of 12 sessions will be given to show areas of growth.


Fee: $100

Teacher Marcia Beecken

Abbreviated Initial Reading Assessment

An Abbreviated Assessment using fewer batteries than the Comprehensive Reading Assessment to pinpoint a student’s reading ability and identify the most pressing need. This Abbreviated Assessment can be used if I am presented with adequate data provided by the student’s teacher/school.



3-4 Assessments from Comprehensive Reading Assessment.


Assessment will take approximately 1 hour


Fee: $75


Reading Intervention Sessions


Reading Intervention based on your child’s most pressing need. 


1-hour sessions recommended.

½ hour sessions are available.



1-hour    $50

½ hour   $25

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