Learning to get out of our self-imposed comfort zone is never easy. It takes trial and error sometimes. We find ourselves doubting that we’ll ever “get there”. What we forget is that it’s in the “getting there” that we find the best lessons about how to Live our HIGHEST LIFE! We take for granted that, living in a world of so much abundance, everything comes easily. And, when it doesn’t, we begin to doubt the process. Welcome to Earth School, where we think the lessons come at too high a price! But actually, what we have to give up in the process typically never really served our purpose to begin with! On the other side, we find a Peace… a Joy… a Surrender of Ego that we never imagined could FREE us to live an Empowered Life! Never Be Afraid of the Shadow. Never be afraid to rest on the inside of the discomfort. We will find ourselves beginning to see in that darkness and find treasures that take us to Greater Heights! THIS is where we Rediscover Our Inner Light!
❤ Blessings, Dear Ones! ❤

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