We hear about it all the time.
“I’ll let Karma take care of her!” “Why do all these bad things happen to me. I must have been an awful person in a past life!”
We have developed an understanding that Karma is going to fulfill our revenge or punish us when we’ve been “bad”. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is NOT what Karma is about. Karma is the stage upon which our Soul’s Mission is set. It is the path we follow to fulfill that mission! When we veer away from our path and are heading the wrong direction, Karma is what puts us back on… Or tries to.
We are often so filled with our fear, judgement of self and others, or our own self-loathing to allow ourselves beyond the barriers we put in front of us. Karma is what keeps putting those painful, difficult, (what we see as) negative situations in our path. Not to punish us, but to remind us that we MUST heal. We MUST walk in a space of TRUE LOVE: The love that we give from a healthy, whole, balanced space. The love we give ourselves when we work on our Shadow sides; those parts of ourselves that we want to keep hidden, keep under the scab, and keep denying. The love that does not judge its own vessel, or that of another. Karma will not punish you. Karma will simply recreate those scenes on your Center Stage until you WORK, DEAL, and HEAL them!!! Only then can we shift our energies and get into the True Flow that leads us to our Soul’s Mission!
Blessings, Dear Ones!!

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