Funeral and Memorial Celebrant Services


My Philosophy:

Although a funeral/memorial service is about your loved one, the service is not for him or her. It is a time for YOU to celebrate the life of the deceased. So, include things that are important to YOU to bring their spirit ALIVE in your hearts and memory!
As an Ordained Interfaith/Interspiritual minister, it is my job to coordinate a service that meets with YOUR religious/spiritual needs. We can work together to create a service that expresses what is most important and sacred to you.
I have a multitude of readings, prayers, and musical offerings that can be used; however, what is most important is that YOU, as family, friends, and loved ones have a chance to express whatever YOU need to express.
I will do my best to give you the space you require for your healing yet will coordinate with you as much as you need to create a service that you can hold as sacred and beautiful.

What does my fee cover?

Typically, I will spend between 10-20 hours preparing your service. My fee for a fully custom service is generally $200. A final cost can be quoted after discussing your vision and specific needs for your service.

          My fee will typically cover:
                    • coordinating with your funeral director;
                    • meeting at your home with you and your family members to discuss your                               wishes for the funeral service, and – if desired – assisting with                                                     ideas for readings, music and other ways to memorialize the deceased;
                    • speaking with you and your loved one’s close relatives to get to know the                                 deceased;
                    • preparing and writing your custom service;
                    • if requested, writing the eulogy (preparation, review, and revision included);
                    • meeting other family members who will play a role in the service;
                    • travel (up to 50 miles beyond my home base);
                    • officiating your service at the funeral venue;
                    • a presentation copy of the service.

          Additional fees may be included for:
                     • extensive travel (travel beyond 50 miles from where I am based);
                     • unforeseen or unusual expenses.

Questions I Will Ask in Getting to Know Your Loved One

          What are some of your favorite times you have experienced with ________?
          What are some experiences that made you laugh? Cry? Made you crazy?
          What is the essence of ________________ that you’d like to have expressed?
          What people in _______________’s life would you specifically like to recognize?
          What were some of __________________’s favorite pastimes?
          What did ___________________ hold dear or sacred?
          Tell me about _________________’s spiritual beliefs.

Questions About the Service

               How do you envision _______________’s service?
           What spiritual beliefs would you like to incorporate into your celebration?
           Do you have any readings that are meaningful to you that you’d like to have read?
           Are there any specific rituals that you’d like to include in your celebration (releasing                butterflies, doves; stones or crystals as keepsake, etc.)?
           What music is important to include?
           Who will be writing and performing the eulogy?
           Miscellaneous: Open mic? Receiving line? Memory Cards? Tree seedlings?

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