Beecken of Light Code of Ethics

I strive to use these themes as a code of conduct to guide my personal and professional life:

  1. Love
    1. Gratitude: Start Each and Every Day by going into the heart to connect with the Divine and Expressing my GRATITUDE for the Blessings in my Life, my Opportunity to make a Loving Difference in the World, and the Love that I Receive: Begin the Day in Right Mindedness
    2. Divinity (Love) Within All: See the Divine in ALL life and elements on this Earth and Beyond
    3. Help: Continue to develop and open my HEART so I Authentically seek Opportunities to Help Others
    4. Non-Judgement: See others through the lens of my Heart and seek to hold a Space of Love when confronted with things that differ from my own way of living and responding
  2. Integrity
    1. Responsibility and Discernment for my Actions: Wait; Think; Check-in with my heart; Respond when Appropriate/Hold Loving Space when not; Act, if needed
    2. Honesty: I will speak what is discerned to be my truth honestly to others, and in cases where my perception of truth may cause pain, I will take the time to check-in with my Divine Self to discern the most gentle, loving ways to express anything that will be said
    3. Authenticity: I will be true to my Divine Self by acting and making decisions that come from a place of Peace, Love, and Divine Inspiration in my heart instead of out of obligation
    4. Confidentiality: I will hold Sacred the private thoughts and expressions of others, where holding them is for their highest good; in the event that the thoughts and expressions may cause harm, I will share with an appropriate authority
    5. Respect: I endeavor to show respect to other cultures, ideologies, theologies, and lifestyles
    6. Finances: I will be responsible when owing money to others, and will also honor myself by accepting appropriate payment or exchange for services I render; I will also give when I am able to do so responsibly
  3. Growth
    1. Commit to continue learning and asking of questions so I may seek to understand, rather than judge others
    2. Commit to my personal growth to seek Love and Opportunity in ALL situations I encounter: in times of Ease, as well as times of Difficulty
    3. Commit to the practice and development of my Intuitive Gifts
    4. Commit to the practice of prayer, as I believe that our energetic intentions through prayer are acted upon through collective consciousness.


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