Baby Blessing

The addition of a baby into a family is such a joyous occasion! A Baby Blessing Ceremony is a Beautiful way to honor family and welcome your child into the world, especially for parents of differing faiths, spiritual backgrounds, or do not practice a religion!
Baby blessings are an alternative to traditional baptisms and are inclusive of different cultures and religious or spiritual backgrounds. Your personal spiritual and cultural traditions are incorporated into a celebration of your precious little one!
In your celebration, we will design a service that is unique and personalized for your family. This may include a naming ritual, readings, joyous music, remembrance of those present in Spirit, prayer, vows of parents and godparents, blessing with water, and other creative or traditional elements that are important to you. Your Baby Blessing can occur in a private home, outdoors, or any other venue of your choice!


I will spend between 10-20 hours preparing your service. My fee for a fully custom service is generally $200. A final cost can be quoted after discussing your vision and specific needs for your service.

My fee will typically cover:

            • Zoom conferencing or personal meeting to discuss your vision for your celebration;
            • Preparing and writing your custom service;
            • Meeting with other family member or friends who will be involved with the service;
            • Arrival at your venue to set up;
            • Travel (up to 50 miles beyond my home base);
            • Officiating your Baby Blessing celebration at your venue;
            • A presentation copy of your service.

Additional fees may be included for:

             • extensive travel (travel beyond 50 miles from where I am based);
             • unforeseen or unusual expenses.

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