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Wedding Officiant Service


Your beautiful Wedding begins with a Complimentary “Fitting” Consultation to determine whether my interfaith/interspiritual services feel right for you both. Following that, we will work together to create the Wedding that expresses what is Unique to and Celebrates Your Special Love.

Lovingly Serving the LBTGQ+ Community!


     Service includes:

             ½ hour Complimentary “Fitting” Consultation

             One-hour Couple’s Ceremony Planning session, w/ an optional second review session

             A Personalized Written Ceremony

             Attendance at Rehearsal

             Presence at your ceremony to perform your wedding service

     Optional for additional fee:

              Additional Planning or Pre-Marital Counseling Sessions

              Destination Weddings

              Sound System



Let’s Get Started!

Here is how we will work together:

To begin, please call me: (607) 279-1157, or email:
to confirm my availability for your date and to set a time for your free consultation.

• Your initial consultation will be offered via the Zoom platform. Following that, our planning session(s) may be in person at my home in Elmira Heights, at a nearby café, or via Zoom at your choosing.

First, I will send an initial questionnaire to you and your partner so I can become familiar with your needs, your ideas for your wedding, and your thoughts on marriage.

During your free consultation via Zoom, we will get to know each other and discuss ideas for creating a meaningful, unique ceremony that reflects your relationship. After this, you and your partner can decide if my services mesh with your vision. If so, we will go over our contract and I will send it out to you. Once your signed contract is received, either in person or via email, we will schedule our ceremony planning date(s).

At our first meeting, we will discuss what elements you definitely want to include in your wedding ceremony (unity rituals, vows, music, and more), and maybe add something you hadn’t thought of! After this meeting, I’ll write a draft of your ceremony and will send it to you, via email, for your review. After reviewing your ceremony, you may schedule one additional planning session if you feel you’d like to refine it further. What’s most important is that you have a ceremony you cherish and that reflects your special relationship.

I will attend a rehearsal, should one be required.

On your wedding day, I’ll arrive 45 minutes – 1 hour ahead of time to meet the other wedding professionals, touch base with you, and make sure that everyone and everything is ready for your ceremony.

You will have the wedding ceremony that honors your special relationship and brings you joy as you reflect upon it all through your marriage!






Standard ceremony, elopement, and intimate weddings (less than 25 guests) without a rehearsal are $100-250.

Fees for custom ceremonies (more than 25 guests) range from $250-600 and depend upon date, time, location, length of your ceremony, and need for a rehearsal.

I am willing to provide a portable PA system with wireless microphone for your ceremony for an additional fee of $50.

Additional ceremony preparation (beyond 2) or premarital counseling sessions are $60/hour (if I officiate your wedding) and $75/hour (if someone else officiates).



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