Usui Reiki

Reiki (Ray-Key) is a natural method of healing and balancing the life-force energy (also known as Chi, Prana, or Ki) present in all living things. Dr. Mikao Usui is the founder of this healing discipline which he brought forth in the late 1800s within his native community in Japan. He named it Reiki which is Japanese for Universal Life Force or Life Energy.

In this natural method of healing, the practitioner becomes a channel through which this healing energy flows. Light hand placements are used on or near the body in order to guide the energy to all aspects of the body-mind continuum.

The ability to channel Reiki is activated within the student by the Reiki Master through a process called ‘attunement.’ A Reiki attunement facilitates adjustments in the energy anatomy of the student (the chakras, meridian system and human energy field) necessary to channel the Reiki energy. Once attuned, the student becomes a channel through which the Reiki energy flows, able to offer hands-on healing to self or other.


Reiki clears, aligns, and balances the subtle energy centers and meridians within the body-mind, thereby bringing greater health, vitality, and balance to our lives. Some of the benefits of Reiki include relief of pain, fatigue, and anxiety, as well as a feeling of relaxation and well-being. For those coping with any situation in which energy depletion and discomfort are a factor, Reiki offers a way to relieve discomfort and reenergize. Reiki is also an excellent first aid tool to hasten the healing process in postoperative recovery, childbirth, emergency situations, and any circumstances in which the body has undergone an invasion. It accelerates and enhances the body’s own natural ability to heal itself.

Usui Reiki can be performed on-site at Beecken of Light, your residence (additional $10-15 depending on distance), or remotely; whichever you prefer.


50-minute session $60 (First Session $40!)

75-minute session $75 (Includes Kundalini Reiki Combination)

Usui Reiki
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