Chakra Realignment

There are 7 basic chakras through which energy flows. Chakras spin as a gear in a machine; clockwise, counterclockwise, clockwise, etc. When one chakra is blocked, it creates a bottleneck of energy, whereby the body has difficulty regulating itself and illness or dis-ease can occur. For these reasons, it is helpful to understand what emotional and physical relate to these centers, and how to maintain open, freely spinning chakras.

Using sound vibrations, tuning forks are used at the sites of the seven major, + Earth and Soul Star chakras, to release blockages, balance, and realign your energy field.

Chakra Realignment Sessions are On-Site Only, either at Beecken of Light, or at your residence (additional $10-15 depending on distance).


30-minute session $30 (First Session $25!)

*Please note: Receive a $5 discount on cash payments, as there are no credit card fees for BoL.

Chakra Training
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