I am reaching out to you.

If you are feeling anxious and unnerved and want to talk, I am offering my Spiritual Life Coaching services pro bono via Zoom for the duration of the COVID-19 distancing! Just call or PM me and we’ll set up a time!

Sending you Love and Blessing for Ease.

Rev. Emma

 We can be reached at 607-279-1157



Beecken of Light Interfaith Ministry brings Affirming, Heart-Centered Services and Programs to the Southern Tier Community. Create and Remember a life YOU LOVE through our Spiritual Life Coaching, Personalized Ministerial Services, Holistic Energy Therapies, and Studies designed to help you           

Rediscover Your Inner Light!


Spiritual Life Coaching

It’s All About Love.

Are you seeking meaning, encouragement, and non-judgmental support for your spiritual growth? Do you ask the age-old questions: What am I here to do? How do I survive this world? Is there a God? How does my spiritual practice fit in with today’s religions? How do I Rediscover My Inner Light?

Interfaith Ministry

What is interspirituality ?

Wayne Teasdale coined the term, Interspiritualtiy in his book, The Mystic Heart. In opening the door to religions around the world coming together in parctice and exploration, we have an opportunity to create a world vision for Peace and Love.


Want to Dive Deeper ?

Your Spiritual Development is a very personal and intimate process. There is no “right way” to the Divine. Join us in discovering your own path through our classes, workshops, and fellowship groups! Learn a spiritual healing modality;  or join one of our study groups devoted to exploring and accessing your own Inner Spark, or let us create and facilitate a group that meets your own needs!

Holistic Therapies & Services

Are you seeking balance ?

Your body’s ability to rejuvenate and heal itself is powerful. Through focused, intuitive balancing of your energy systems and chakras, you can experience the deep sense of calm and relaxation that allows your body to unlock its own optimal health.

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Beecken of Light Interspiritual Center

Beecken of Light Interspiritual Center

Interspiritual Ministerial services: weddings, baby blessings, memorial services. Spiritual coaching. Spiritual healing. Rediscover your Inner Light!

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Join us for Ho'Oponopono.
Monday nights @ 6:30
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Beecken of Light Interspiritual Center
#forgiveness #hooponopono #meditation #loveJoin us for Ho'Oponopono.
Monday nights @ 6:30
For more info, See us on Facebook at:

#forgiveness #hooponopono #meditation #love
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