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I am learning more and more about this word. As I grow in Big “S”- Self, that part of Spirit that lives within me, I am realizing how much of my life has been lived in “teacher-mode”: giving direction, teaching, telling “how”… Honestly, it has, in my experience, been a rather repelling way to live. People don’t enjoy being told. They don’t enjoy feeling like they are being treated like children. So, as a teacher of children for over 30 years, you might imagine that this has been a very large part of my way of life; one that is difficult to release.
In my journey, I am slowly, ever. so. slowly. learning to shift from this mindset. Thich Nhat Hahn has said that before we “strike” the bell, we must first “invite it to awaken” by gently giving it a “half” sound. Recently, I acquired another singing bowl. It is a small, dainty bowl that has a beautiful, inviting sound. Each and every time I pick it up, Thay’s teaching comes to mind and I strike it very gently to wake the bell, then continue on with its use in a sacred way. How now to transform my day to day living with this practice?
What I do know is that I’ve spent so much of my life trying to start out “perfect”; to be sure that all my i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. So, perhaps, a good place to begin is to gently invite my own awakening with a “half-sound”. Perhaps awakening my own S-Self in this way will also awaken my own mindfulness of how I tend to just “bang the bell” of others and bring about a transmutation of action.
So, I “invite” you in. I “invite” you to recognize my perfect imperfection and desire to shift into mindfulness. And, I “invite” you to make this journey with me.
In Love and Recognition of Our Oneness,
~ Rev. Emma

The State of the World

Light HouseThe State of the World

Friends, I’m struggling.

Maybe you can help, maybe relate, maybe disagree, or maybe just hold space for those of us going through these crazy times.
But, I’m struggling…

I struggle with Expression:

of the LOVE that I physically feel as a strong, joy-filled sensation in my heart for ALL of humanity,
versus the heartbreak felt when witnessing one scene; one comment after another displaying of the inhumanity and indifference we have all sown.

I struggle with Desire:

to want so eagerly to use this “Beecken of Light” to shine LOVE and HOPE and FAITH that everything is exactly right to learn what we need to learn to progress,
versus screaming my outrage over the injustices set before us by the powers that be; where women, children, and marginalized groups are abused; where ordinarily caring, funny, engaging people are manipulated and turn on each other like hungry dogs to fight for scraps they are thrown.

I struggle with Vision:

this belief that our UNITY will create a world where the realization of our ONENESS outshines the FEAR created by individuality,
versus the DIVIDING justifications for why that can’t happen.

I struggle with Direction:

finding a path that gently leads ALL of us to our natural state of LOVE, FORGIVENESS, and COMPASSION,

versus just turning people off from a stance of JUDGEMENT.

For, that is the INTENTION: to bring us TOGETHER in the WELCOMING RECOGNITION of our CONNECTEDNESS, rather than repel through abrasiveness.
Perhaps that intention might be where we can ALL meet in the middle.

And, if there is one thing I have learned in my trips around our sun, it is that ENERGY FLOWS where INTENTION GOES.

So, perhaps the struggle ends there.

Rev. Emma

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