Beecken of Light


Beecken of Light offers Alternative and Holistic Services in the Horseheads / Elmira, NY Southern Tier area. Our programs are designed to create balance, peace, joy, and return you to your natural state of wellness.

We specialize in Heart-Centered services. Some of our offerings include:

  • Integrated Energy Therapy
  • Reiki (Traditional Usui and Kundalini)
  • Intuitive Angelic Coaching
  • Crystal Energy Work
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • IET, Reiki and Oil Classes
  • Colour Energy and Ashbury Essential Oil / Aromatherapy
  • Coming Soon! Chakra Realignment and much more…

Stop by and visit our boutique of Spiritual and Health related items.  We look forward to meeting and serving your needs.

Marcia Beecken

  • MS. Ed.
  • CAS in Leadership
  • IET Master Instructor
  • Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher
  • Certified Assertiveness Life Coach
  • EFT Facilitator

Marcia is an Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner and Master Instructor, Traditional Usui Master Teacher, Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Life Coach, and holds a Master of Science in Education, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Study in Leadership. She has been an educator in NYS public school for over 28 years. Marcia is the owner/practitioner of Beecken of Light in Elmira Heights, NY.




Our Story…

I began my journey back in 1994, having read, A Return To Love, by Marianne Williamson. My spiritual healing began at that time. Learning that LOVE heals, I began to search for a different way to live. Soon after my son was born, I attended a very powerful and life changing personal growth program, “Light of the Soul” with Ellen Peterson, of Avenues Counseling Center. Finding that my life was traveling in some pretty unexpected, and not altogether pleasant, directions, I also was searching for a way to help myself through some major life changes. I began to develop a love for people and life that I had never felt before and wondered how I could assist others in finding that, as well! Having been a public school teacher for many years, I had also begun to notice the effects of stress and anxiety on children. I started searching for a way to help the children overcome these issues in the classroom. I began using mediation and goal setting as a tool. After completing my Certificate of Advanced Study in Leadership, becoming an Usui and Kundalini Reiki Master Teacher, an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, and Certified Life Coach, I felt ready to manifest my dream!

With the unwavering support of my husband, Mike, Beecken of Light was born in August 2015. I began by offering energy work sessions and classes out of our home. When this got to be a bit of a trick with the whole “Beecken Bunch” around, (4 kids, 2 nutsy Goldies (and all their fur!), and 3 cats) it got to be a little overwhelming! It became my dream to open an energy work and spiritual center where I could help others relax, grow, and find peace. Well, this dream came true!

Now, we are able to offer Integrated Energy Therapy®, Reiki, Life Coaching, Aromatherapy, Personal Transformation Classes, and IET and Reiki Training, among a variety of other class offerings. I have been so blessed to help others find relaxation, clear stagnant energy, set and reach life goals, and attain authentic happiness, contentment, and grounding. I am amazed and so grateful that I can share this space and time with YOU! Like me, you can Rediscover Your Inner Light! ~Blessings